Selected Works and Audio



Phrases (2017) four songs for soprano, double bass and jingle bell [7']


Thread Unfurled (2016) for flute and piano [9'] [full recording on soundcloud]

unisono (2016) for alto saxophone, harp, prepared piano, and violin [9']

Vidi l'angelo nel marmo (2015) for soprano and double bass [7'] [full recording on soundcloud]


New Geometry (2015) for flute, clarinet, trombone, prepared piano, percussion, violin, 'cello, and double bass [9'30"]

With Each Breathing (2015) for string quartet [9'30"]


speckled the green and blue (2015) for pierrot ensemble  + percussion [8']


Recordatorio (2014) for contralto (or countertenor), 2 baroque violins, baroque 'cello, and harpsichord [7']


Triple Point (2013) for clarinet, trombone, percussion, piano, violin, and double bass [10'] 





Large Ensemble

drift (2017) for orchestra [c.10']

New Geometry (2015/arr. 2017) for 13 instruments [c. 9']


Una Corda (2016) for 12 instruments [c. 8']


Leaf Catalogue (2015) for orchestra [c. 9']


Passacaglia (2014) for orchestra [c.12'] 





Epiphyte (2013) for piano and orchestra [11'30"]







Opera, Theater, and Choral


Sonnet 53 (2015) for SSAATTBB choir and piano [5']

a e i o u  for SSAA choir [4'30"]


On the Great Longing (2014) for 4 actors, clarinet, violin, 'cello, and double bass, based on texts by Friedrich Nietzsche and Milan Kundera [15']




The Loveliest Afternoon of the Year (2012) opera in one act for five vocal soloists, puppets, and chamber orchestra, based on the play by John Guare [c.45']






Responding to the Waves (2017) for violin [11']

  1. Chrysalis
  2. Nets of Wings
  3. Fractures

Iaspis (2013) for violin scordatura [7']